Monday, September 15, 2014

Meant to Be

It is hard to believe that I have been away from the blogging world for so long now. Between transitioning back to college life after being abroad, medical school applications, MCAT studying, thesis research, and trying to spend enough time with family and friends my spring semester and summer were more of a balancing act than I have ever had before. But throughout this entire period and preparation for my senior year of college and the future I realized I was missing something. I was going about my daily life and doing everything for the future, everything for my schoolwork and nothing for myself. When it came down to it my blog was always my one outlet, my creative inspiration board and the place where I could be completely myself and I realized that it is time to go back. 

Time away from the blog taught me even more about work life balance. 
I'm still the same pink and blue loving, food critic that I was before. This time I have a few new fabulous accessories and more work on my plate to share!

 I still strive for balance in everything that I do but this time I'm learning the weed out the old and to stop putting up with energy drainers in my life. I want every hour spent efficiently and effectively and that includes having a creative outlet again. 

Every girl needs a place for inspiration and positive energy… it is time to bring that back! 

Photo: I took this photo while I was abroad on a weekend vacation to Asilah, Morocco… a place focused on serenity, beauty and peace something we could all use a good dose of!