Thursday, February 28, 2013

Style Files Brooklyn Blonde

Ever since I came across Brooklyn Blonde's blog a year ago I have admired her ability to match such classic pieces with those that have flair and character. Since my style does tend to be so simple and classic I like seeing someone that takes it up a notch but still always looks well put together and stylish. Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers? 

Have a great day! xox

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Equestrian Style... Blazer Edition

There is something about an equestrian looking outfit inspired a la Ralph Lauren that always appeals to me! I find a lot of the times that my outfits end up looking somewhat equine especially with the addition of a great blazer and some riding boots. The blazer is the key, so I decided to find some fabulous outfits to share. I've also included a couple pictures of my own spin... let me know what you think! 

The tailoring on the blazer is amazing.

Love the colors! 

Crisp and clean

My version... 

My favorite part of this blazer is the suede elbow patches and collar! 

Enjoy! xox

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars... Best Dressed

One of my favorite parts of the awards show season is getting to see all of the amazing dresses and determining the best dressed for myself! While I didn't get to watch the Oscars this year {medical ethics essay and organic chemistry quiz took over} I still caught up on the fabulous dresses on the runway. I have to say, without consciously doing it, I liked form fitting, either coral colored or light colored dresses. I guess I have a consistent style that I always go by. Who did you think was best dressed... I'll reveal my pick at the end! 

The color is STUNNING.

I like the fit and style... don't love the belt.

I love the color of the lace.

Drop dead gorgeous. 

Love the color.

Fabulous... the pattern is amazing. 

And the winner is....
This is drop dead gorgeous... Charlize looks flawless!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Motivation

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was filled with lots of homework, some great food and fun times with friends. The weekend flew by so quickly it was impossible for me to get everything on my to-do list done... therefore I have quite a lot to do this week but I'm counting down the hours until I get to go home for a few days and see my family! Each time I check something off the list, it's one step closer to being able to pack everything up and enjoy time with the family with great home cooked food, and relaxation. 

Love this quote... its so true too! It's not worth hanging on to people who aren't there for you are simply  not interested in being in a reciprocated friendship. I've learned over the years that friendship is all about reciprocation and if it isn't a two way street then it's not worth you being on the street at all! haha. 

Have a great day! xox

Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Wishes

T.G.I.F! I am so thankful that it's finally Friday, I have only three more days of classes and I get to go home for a couple of days {it will be my first trip home in a month and half so I'm pretty excited to see everyone}! This week was a bit of a run around, a lot of work early in the week and then a lot of catch up at the end. This weekend will be a continuation of the catch up routine, I have a couple of assignments that really need to get done, including filling out an application to study abroad next year! So exciting. 

I have to say, I love the outfit above as a fabulous weekend option... Loving the warm sweater, fur vest and classic watch. I might have to stray from my weekend wear of leggings and sweaters and opt for something more chic and along these lines {although a fur vest is still on my list to get}. Do you typically have a weekend style? Low key sweaters and jeans, leggings? 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! xox

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nightstand Vignettes

What I'm Loving Today

Yummy grilled cheese combo... might have to try this when I go home next week.

Love this Lulu Lemon tank and sports bra combo... this has been added to my wish list! 

Mid week motivation... 

Loving these adorable monogram pjs... I could have really used them this weekend while I was resting in bed with my cold. 

Fabulous and cool colored interior... I love how the pattern and texture adds the element of drama. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! xox

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday's Motivation

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Friday was a blast, three of my friends and I went to a semi-pro hockey game and had a blast. Our seats were in the second row so we got to see them score {of course our team won} and we got to see a lot of fighting on the ice which was pretty great. Following the amazing night, I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible cold and have been relaxing for most of the day in bed while trying to get some work done {not too easy}. I'm hoping that I will feel better soon but in the meantime I thought I would wish everyone some happiness for the day.

It is really true that one simple act {smile, wave, hug, compliment} can really make someone's day! Such a small thing can have such a huge difference and I hope that you all take that away this week and try to spread the happiness and kindness. Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weekend Wishes

I hope that you all had a wonderful week. This weekend for me is going to be a little like a weekend at home, rest and relaxation is on the agenda. I'm feeling a little under the weather so I will be pulling out my big warm sweaters and legging for chilling around campus and sipping a lot of warm tea. What does everyone else have planned for the weekend?


New York Fashion Week... Street Style

Happy Valentines Day!! Today is the day to really cherish your loved ones and tell them how special they really are! 

Fashion week brought blizzard to New York but that didn't stop the fashion mavens from coming out in full style. I went through the Vanity Fair photo stream of pictures and thought I would show you some of the ones that piqued my interest. What were some of your favorite street style looks? 

Have a wonderful day! xox

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Favorites

Happy Wednesday everyone! Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration over the past couple of days... so I thought I would share some things that caught my eye today. 

With my spring break trip planned I'm already beginning to think about packing... love the skirt

Umm.... is this not the most amazing dorm room ever?

Yearning for the warm weather and some beautiful flowers.

Some Valentines day inspiration perhaps?

Midweek motivation... go for it. 

Have a great day! xox

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfits

With Valentines Day right around the corner I thought today's style inspirations should be suited for the day. This option is really for those of you who are lucky enough to be in the warm weather but for all you New Englanders who have been wearing Hunter Wellies and winter boots for the past 4 days, it's just as easy to throw a pair of leggings and booties on with this combination as well. Does anyone have any special plans for Valentine's Day? 

J. Crew Skirt, Kate Spade Bag, Tory Burch Cuff, Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

Have a wonderful day! xox