Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week. Now that the first week of fall has gone by I thought I would focus my Friday's Favorites on some fabulous fall styles and colors. 

Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? 

Have an amazing weekend! xox

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Style Inspiration Via Gwyneth Paltrow

Another one of my style icons is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow... I love how she picks classic pieces with stunning lines. Each piece she does choose, however, has some form of glimmer or flair that makes all of her outfits complete. 

Here are some favorites... 

The lines and shape of this piece is amazing... and a touch of glimmer never hurts! 

I love how simple the color of this is, but with a few details it is completely fabulous! 

More low key ensemble... black and white classics and a fabulous pop of color with the shoes. 

Enjoy! xoxo

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jonathan Adler Chic

Jonathan Adler's style is marked by preppy, colorful and fabulous patterned pieces! I love the way he can mix so many amazing pieces together... especially the combinations in these rooms. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Black and Leopard

After seeing this picture the other day, I have been drawn to black and leopard mixes... especially for the fall! Here are some great ways to add some pops of print to those otherwise black ensembles. 

Black skinnies with some great shoes. 

I love how girly and fun this outfit is! 

A little more high styled version... 

Have a great day! xox

Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Winning Outfits

How many of you watched the Emmy's last night? I watched some of the Red Carpet on E! and then I watched the awards ceremony as well. I thought I would give myself the Sunday evening off before this busy week ahead (although I did some homework at the same time). hehe. I have to say... I was impressed with many of the dresses that were worn on the red carpet especially these ones! 

Stunning... I love the bright colored skirt portion
 mixed with the simpler top and accent colored jewels! 

The color is amazing and the cut was pretty gorgeous as well. 

The form and figure of this dress is amazing! 

Like a mermaid... its a little bit shimmery but the shape looks stunning! 

Who made your best dressed list? 

Enjoy! xox

Monday's Motivation

It's time to forget about the status quo and start moving and changing. Even though change is hard it is essential in order to grow as a person! 

"What are we waiting for?"

Have a wonderful day! xoxo

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's finally Friday!! I'm looking forward to the beautiful fall weekend ahead... this weekend at school is family weekend but I've decided to go home and spend some time with my whole family. Even though I have an INSANE amount of work to do, I am going to try my best to take some time to relax as well.

Loving all of these fabulous photos as well...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fabulous Style a la Carrie Bradshaw

Doesn't every girl dream of a Carrie Bradshaw closet? The dark blue painted cabinetry mixed with the fabulous layers and layers of clothing is to die for! 

The layers continue even in the accessories... loving the fabulous pearls! 

Talk about mixing patters, loving the different thicknesses and directions.
 The flower detail is so fun as well! 

These angles and differently tailored pieces are o so carrie as well.

How about some great pops of color? Loving these shoes!!! 

Enjoy! xox

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well Dressed Wednesdays

A couple of friends who lived in my dorm last year came up with this idea called Well Dressed Wednesday... the guys in the group wear suits and ties  and the girls dresses and skirts. So today is dedicated to fabulous/ well dressed styles! What would your well dressed Wednesday look be like? 

Loving this mix... classic colors but each piece has flair! 

Loving the mix of pattern here with the fabulous shoes and simple wool coat

Loving the mix of leopard with simple white tee and jean jacket.

This little guy knows something about well dressed Wednesdays too! 
Love the leather leash with the gold chain. 

Enjoy! xox

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet Lemon Mag... New Issue

The newest issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine came out on Saturday and has so many amazing photos, articles and snipits of advice throughout. Here are some of my favorites but you should check it out for the rest! 

Love the graphics and the design of the mag.

Inslee (the cover) is an extremely talented artist... loved hearing her stories! 

Just might need to add some international bloggers to my daily reads list... how neat! 

Of course, an amazing food crawl list for none other than NYC! 

Enjoy! xox

Monday, September 17, 2012

Being Confident In Differences

Happy Monday everyone! 

My sister and mom pinned this quote the other day and I couldn't help but read it over and over again. These are some powerful words that are sometimes hard for people to accept. Type A personalities especially... always striving for perfection but accepting those imperfections too is necessary to understand how you can grow and excel. 
This quote resonates well with my first few weeks of college... my three closest friends and I (the quatro as we are called) took these personality tests for a program the school offered. We all realized how completely and utterly different we are from each other but it was when we all sat down and really thought about our own personal contributions to the group that we realized how well we balance each other out... what I am not good at another friend is and visa versa. So not only is this quote important for personal reasons, it is applicable to friends and communities as well. 

Enjoy! xox

Ps... Just wanted to give my little sis a shout out... Happy birthday Iz! Hope you have an amazing day. xoxoxoxox

Friday, September 14, 2012


Happy Friday everyone! I can't tell you how excited I am for this weekend... can't wait to have a chance to relax for a couple of hours without feeling guilty about it. Although I have an insane amount of homework for the weekend, I look forward to enjoying some time with my friends over a great meal and getting to spend some time outside for a change. 

Some fabulous photos to start the weekend off right... 

How fabulous are these?! Eeeeek.

Oversized and completely cozy... so weekend! 

Can you say sleek and sophisticated... love it! 

Quite the combo. 

Any fun weekend plans? xox

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYC Fashion Week

How many of you have been keeping up with the fabulous styles that came off the runways last week at NYC Fashion Week for the Spring 2013 season? Some of the looks are amazing... the detail and creativity is impeccable. I think it would be amazing to attend a Mercedes Benz Fashion show... a girl can dream right?! 

Here are a couple of favorite that I have been admiring.

Loving the pattern and colors mixed with this simple dress. 

The color variation in this dress is amazing.

I liked how eclectic this piece looked. 

Which were your favorites?