Monday, October 12, 2015

A Girl In The Know's Dorm Room Workout

During middle and high school I was always part of a sports team and had endless workouts through those outlets. However, when I went to college I learned quickly that I had to create my own workout regiment in order to give myself some time throughout the week to decompress. Working out allows me time to mentally rebalance, do some deep thinking, or some days letting go of thoughts and just clearing my mind.

In college I was never a huge fan of the gym, I preferred running outside and was part of my college’s running club for three years. However, when the running club wasn’t running (ha.ha.) I had to find another way to workout that didn’t involve the dingy gym. This is when I instituted the dorm room workout. Depending on how much time I had in a given day the workout could be 10 minutes or it could be 30 minutes but what I liked was that I was still working out but in my own space at a convenient time for me!

My dorm room workout typically consists of…

Running in place for 2 minutes
5o jumping jacks (repeated two or three times)
2 sets of 12 Push Ups
3 sets of 25 Crunches
3 sets of bicycle crunches
1 minute plank 
3 sets of 12 leg lifts
3 sets of 12 turning knee lifts

Turning knee lifts is something I came up with on my own, I lift my knee up to about waist level while I turn the upper portion of my body to the opposite side. I actually saw someone on the beach in Grenada doing this over the weekend and my friends joked that he had a 12 pack so it must work!!

Lastly I would do a mini arm workout if time permitted. I didn’t have weights in my dorm room and would pick up my Hunter boots (perfect weight if you do enough reps) or a textbook and do 3 sets of…

25 bicep curls
25 over the head bicep curls
25 side arm lifts
25 front arm lifts
25 triceps lifts (only one boot)

I will admit I haven't been the best at keeping up with these workouts with the busy schedule that I have had but after midterms are over and we can start fresh again I'd like to get motivated with my dorm room workout! 

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